The Interior Landscape



  • A deeply thoughtful and inspiring collection of essays about visual expression, art, creativity, and a life in photography


Building on the legacy of his previous best-selling books More Than a Rock and Another Day
Not Wasted
, as well as his work as a regular contributor to LensWork and On Landscape magazines, The Interior Landscape is a
collection of more than 60 brief essays, packaged in a beautiful hardcover format and illustrated throughout with Guy’s stunning photography.

Organized into four parts, Guy discusses:

• Creativity and expression as the most significant aspects of making art

• The controversial and tenuous relationship between photography (by design a medium for objective representation) and art
(by definition the subjective expressions of the imagination of artists)

• How he has formed a relationship with, and found meaning in, the natural landscape, and how he expresses these meanings in
his photographs

• Lessons learned from more than three decades of practicing expressive landscape photography