• Discuss on  how you can find sanitation, restroom, shower, etc. on the trail, how to deal with various illness while on the trail.
  • Next up is how you should pack, what gears you need, how to plan a through-hike and how to actually get started on this amazing trip.


This book is truly a guidebook which is divided into 2 parts where I start off with some basic facts and information about the great Appalachian Trail, then give my readers a clear overview of the trail in every region and state it crosses. Next, I talked about how to get started on hiking the Appalachian Trail, along with all different options like a day hike, multi-day hike and through hike.

Next, I spoke about what to expect on the trail, what kind of help and supports are out there, what and how weather can affect your hiking, what wild animals you have to be aware of.

In the second part of the book, I share how to hike each section day by day and what you can expect, what you need to be looking for, what you need to be aware of one each section of your hike.

After hiking through this great Appalachian Trail twice, I can assure you it can be done, and no it is not a monumental task, but yes it will take effort and a strong willingness to go through with it. I know if I could do it anyone can. I know you can do it too.